Which Roald Dahl character are you?

News on 11 September 2019

Roald Dahl meets Belbin – The Dream Team

In HR, we see different types of people playing different roles in each team. Since it’s Roald Dahl’s birthday, we’re using Belbin’s nine team roles to look at the famous Roald Dahl characters… Which one are you?

Belbin’s Action Oriented Roles:

Shaper (SH)

What do we know about shapers? Well, they’re the type of people who love to solve problems and question the norms. They’re usually very creative and enjoy challenging their team to improve by shaking things up.

Roald Dahl Character

Willy Wonka – A chocolate making genius and innovator. It looks as if the term shaper was made for him. His relentless energy has everyone trailing in his wake.

Implementor (IMP)

These people get things done. Implementers are often disciplined people who work systematically. They love organisation and can turn ideas and concepts into practical actions and plans.

Roald Dahl Character

Oompa-Loompas – Hand selected by Willy Wonka and transported back from Loompaland (Modern Slavery anyone?), these characters certainly turn Willy Wonka’s ideas into reality.

Completer Finisher (CF)

As you may have guessed by the title of this one, the complete finisher is the member of the team that ensures that projects are completed with no errors or omissions. They tend to be perfectionists, making sure that even the smallest of details have been perfected.

Roald Dahl Character

Danny the Champion of the World – He implemented the plan to drug the pheasants in Mr. Hazell’s wood, on time and budget (the prescribed number of sleeping pills!)

Belbin’s People Oriented Roles:

Coordinator (Co)

Coordinators are the traditional team leaders – they tend to be great listeners and are calm, good-natured, and delegate tasks effectively.

Roald Dahl Character

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Beating the mighty resources of Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

Team Worker (TW)

Team Workers are the people that support and motivate the team, and ensure that other team members are working well together. They are often great negotiators due to their flexible and diplomatic nature.

Roald Dahl Character

BFG – The Big Friendly Giant is a skilled story-teller and can share the dreams he has captured with other team members

Resource Investigator (RI)

These team members are innovative, curious and enthusiastic. The Resource Investigator will work with external stakeholders to help the team accomplish its goals, and is good at developing contacts and negotiating for resources on behalf of the team. These types of people tend to be outgoing.

Roald Dahl Character

Matilda – In being clever, curious and a little bit mischievous, she could happily work with the team and third parties to produce team success.

Belbin’s Thought Oriented Roles:

Plant (PL)

The Plant is a creative individual, who is often the team member that comes up with new ideas and creative approaches to tasks. They thrive on praise, but criticism can be difficult for them to deal with. Sometimes their ideas can be a little novel, so they can be impractical at times. They may also ignore given parameters and constraints.

Roald Dahl Character

Bean – The cleverest of the Farmers in the Fantastic Mr. Fox story. Despite his dependency on cider – which would be problematic within modern drugs and alcohol policies - he produced the innovative plan that trapped the Fox family.

Monitor Evaluator (ME)

These team members are the best at analysing and evaluating ideas that other people (usually Plants) come up with. Monitor-Evaluators like to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of all the options before coming to a decision. Their strategic nature means they are great critical thinkers, but they are often poor at motivating other team members.

Roald Dahl Character

Charlie Bucket - The winner of a chocolate factory, Charlie looks geared up to take on Willy Wonka’s role, and take his ideas forward, with a more rational and strategic approach.

Specialist (SP)

Specialists get the job done using their specialist knowledge. They commit themselves fully to their area of expertise and pride themselves on their skills and abilities.

Roald Dahl Character

Mr. Bucket – He spent all day putting tops on toothpaste tubes (prior to his redundancy and subsequent rebirth as a machine repairer for the machine that replaced him!)


Now that you’ve seen all of the characters matched to the team roles, which one do you think is most like you? Tweet us your answer! @PitStop_HR