Using HR Software for SMEs

News on 22 May 2020

Using an online system for your HR admin can make processes and record keeping easier and more secure.

Here are some of our favourite features of HR cloud software.

Requesting Holidays

Our clients are always looking for ways that they can simplify their processes – one of the key questions we get is ‘how can I make requesting and booking annual leave more straightforward?’.

Requesting holiday is possibly our favourite part of any HR software. Employees can send requests directly to their line manager (or whoever deals with holiday approvals) and use the calendar to see who else is off at that time.

Organising information

Keep all of your employees’ information in one place. Most systems will allow you to upload the things that you need your employees to read, such as a staff handbook, but also confidential documents that are private for you to read.

Give your employees some control

Another benefit is that your employees can take some control over their own information. One of your employees has moved house? They can change their own address on the system, and all you will have to do is review and accept the change. They can even upload their own profile picture.


Online systems have lots of really good features that allow you to better monitor and review how your employees (and business) is doing. Many systems have features to run reports on a number of HR related subjects, including sickness absence, salaries, and training.

Data security

Instead of keeping all of these confidential files and records in an office, the system is secure.

This helps you achieve GDPR compliance and Subject Access Requests (SARs). By centralising the storage of your employee information, you can manage SARs quickly and thoroughly as employee data can be exported.

Use it on the go

You can access them on any computer, so you don’t have to be in the office to carry your HR tasks. Many online HR systems now have apps for phones too.

How do you make the most of it?

To get the most out of your new system, you have to actually use it. Make sure to use all the features available.

If you want to implement an online HR system – let us know! We use two different systems and you can have a demo of both of these systems to see which one suits your needs:

Contact us if you want to chat.