How to Manage Your Team During the World Cup

News on 14 June 2018

How to manage your team during the World Cup

World Cup fever is nearly upon us!

This may be the first major sporting event that you have encountered since you’ve started trading, so here are our top tips on how to keep your team on side (see what we did there?) throughout the tournament.

The World Cup runs between Thursday 14 June and Sunday 15 July.
Football match times in the UK will vary between 1pm and 8pm.

• Speak to your team now
Talk to them now to get an idea of how much interest they have in the football.
Will they want to watch key matches? Will it have any impact on them at all?

• Be Flexible
If some of your team are football fans you might want to think about allowing them to work more flexibly over the next few weeks to allow them to watch key games

You could let them start later or finish earlier on these days and work their time back. Just make sure that they have agreed it with you in advance and the business needs are covered
Another option may be to allow your guys to listen to the radio or watch the TV while at work. Is it possible to allow them to take a break during certain matches?

• Be Fair
The most important thing is that whatever you decide, you apply fairly to all employees.
Remember that they may not all be supporting the same team!

• Time Off
If any of your team want more time off over this period – maybe they have plans to travel to Russia to see some of the matches then they will need to book their holidays in the normal way
You may want to be a little more understanding if they come to you with a last minute request to go on the trip of a lifetime - they will really appreciate it if you are.

• Have Fun
This is a great opportunity for some positive staff engagement.

Good relationships are built on give and take, so if you are able to get into the spirit of the World Cup in a way that does not negatively impact your business or the service you offer to you customers, you will reap the benefits from having engaged staff.